LeeFest ends. Neverworld begins.

Wonderful people…

Today I get to share some very exciting, slightly life changing (for me at least) news with you!

The story of LeeFest that I’m sure you know all too well (‘Lee! No house parties!’) was the seed for something very special to begin.

For the past few years I have marvelled as this wonderful community of like minded souls has grown around me, and been awestruck at the way you have contributed to the festival; dedicating your ideas, your energy and your awesome spirit.

As our community has snowballed, it has felt increasingly wrong that something created by so many should be named after just one! We are therefore going to be starting a new story, with the focus on the whole community.

Experimenting with The Neverland has been the most inspiring and productive two years of our lives. It encouraged us to stretch our imaginations, broaden our horizons and be more ambitious than ever.

We are therefore making a commitment, that from this day forward we will no longer build festivals. Together we will build fully fledged, immersive, magical worlds. Worlds in which our inner children can thrive as we retrieve our sense of discovery together; through music, party and wonder.

As our community grows internationally, and at our current political junctures, we felt that the name for this new story should reflect the inclusive, safe retreat that it can provide, even if just for one weekend, for those from all persuasions and all walks of life.

LeeFest has taken me on the most incredible personal adventures, for which I will be eternally grateful. The original ethos of rebellion and DIY action will always be the driving force and I will still be living, breathing and working on Neverworld 24/7/365! The LeeFest story will live on forever, but it’s a story from the past and right now we have an opportunity to write the future…

Welcome to Neverworld. A place we never have to grow old.

Lee Denny
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