Spectacular Immersive Music Festival

The Neverworld (by LeeFest) is made up of three magical realms, each offering an exciting and unique experience.

Home of the anarchistic, steam-punk Pirate’s Tribe.

Skull Ridge is a boomtown of casinos, cabaret clubs and secret all-night parties, built around a disused old goldmine.  Swig rum and barter with your ‘pieces of eight’! Only the bravest dare enter.


Home of the mischievous Lost Boys’ Tribe.

The Neverwoods is one great big adventure playground with woods, beautiful lake and a giant fortress! Exquisite local food and drink, workshops, inspiring thinkers and the most exciting new music.


Home of the hedonistic Mermaid’s Tribe.

Mermaids Lagoon is the Club Tropicana of Neverworld.  Our ‘Miami Beach’ for outrageous creatures. It is a dazzling flirtatious place.  When the neon begins to buzz, anything could happen!


"A fantastic unpretentious party vibe"The Guardian
"The ultimate party!"NME
"Lee Denny is the next Michael Eavis"BBC Radio 1
"This feels like a mini Glastonbury"Annie Mac