Toronto’s Annie, Drama’s Daphne and Southampton’s Scott collectively make CLT DRP, the unknowing rebuttal to rehashed punk, fucked social notions and modern, illiberal backlash. A chance pairing of perspectives in a haven for nurtured ideas that’s Brighton, lends CLT DRP the right to scream freely since 2017. Somewhere between EDM inspired electro-punk and quasi-satirical female pop; their sound and message resonates beyond expectation wherever they are and were told by Margaret Atwood after their first show, “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”.

“CLT DRP are creating something genuinely exciting and refreshing as it’s something most listeners would find hard to assign to a clear genre. This is only a fact due to the three evidently knowing what they want to sound like, how to get it and revel in the pleasure of not knowing where it is going to take them from there.” – Milo Dunn-Clarke (HotWax Promotions)

“To experience Clt Drp is like waking up from some paranoid punk-themed nightmare to find you’re naked and alone in an industrial-noise installation in the basement of a decrepit mental asylum. But because you absolutely love it, you’d be silly not to sign up to their mailing list.” – Will Sissons (Tap the Feed) 

“Combining glitched-out guitar, punishing drums, wailing vocals and lyrics reminiscent of the SCUM Manifesto, CLT DRP killed our Great Escape showcase last year and are highly likely to kill again. I’m scared and you should be scared too.” – Josh Cohen (Memorials of Distinction)

"This feels like a mini Glastonbury"Annie Mac
"The ultimate party!"NME
"A fantastic unpretentious party vibe"The Guardian
"Lee Denny is the next Michael Eavis"BBC Radio 1